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Facility Overview and Capabilities

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        20,000 Square Foot Manufacturing/Engineering Facility

     CNC Machine Shop (CNC Mills,  Lathes,  Manual Mills, Micro Bead Blast),  MasterCam Programming Stations

     Technical Ceramics Fabrication Shop (NC Surface Grinders, Core Drilling, Diamond Lapping and Annealing Furnace)

        Class ISO 8 Clean Room

     Thermosonic Wire Bonding

     Parallel Gap (Ribbon) Weld/Solder

     High Temperature Inert Gas Eutectic Die Attach

     Plasma Ion Etch

     UV Ozone Clean

   Low Pressure quartz mercury vapor lamp generates UV emissions (254 and 185 nanometer range).  Ozone and atomic  oxygen are generated which excite the organic contaminants.  Organic contaminants react with the atomic oxygen to form volatile products such as CO2 and H20.  This process takes place in one to several minutes at essentially room temperature.  Thermal rise of the part is dependant on the length of processing time.

   UV Ozone cleaning will remove traces of solder flux, residual photoresist, Condensed adhesive volatile, Carbon traces, human skin oils, most organic contaminants.

     Hi-Rel Packaging including Heat Sealed Vacuum/Gas Purged Hi-Rel Packaging System

     ESD Handling to Class 0

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Manufacturing Standards


    •    The materials for flight units are selected for minimum degradation and maximum stability under severe conditions and mission stresses.

    •    Each material is selected in accordance with the specific requirements imposed for its intended use.

    •    SMT does not use prohibited materials.

    •    Each material used by SMT is included in the Material List

    •    All plated parts undergo receiving inspection per Sierra 106-0029-001**

      Dimensional inspection
    1 hour bake at 200C
    Thermal cycling, -55C to +100C, 30 minute ramp and 30 minutes dwells
    1 hour bake at 200C
    Visual inspection of plating under 10X magnification minimum to check for blistering, lifting etc. of plating.

    •    Hardware Traceability

            All hardware is tracked on the List of Materials (LM) and is controlled by:

        - Part No.

        - Revision 

        - PO No. 

        - Quantity 

        - Inspection Date   

        - Inspector

        - Date Code

            Traceability records are revised until the flight hardware is shipped.

    •    Inventory Control Processes are managed by Sierra’s Materials Procurement staff

** Sierra Microwave will use pure fine Silver (unplated) for stripline Isolator and Circulator applications where insertion loss and/or power are a concern



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Special Inspection Equipment

     •    Destructive Physical Analysis/Inspection Facilities

     •    Destruct and Non-Destruct Bond Pull (DPA and In-Process)

     •    Die-shear (DPA)

     •    Optical Microscopy

             - Mitutoyo Vision Inspection Systems to 147x

             - Optical Stereoscopic Microscopes to 110x

     •    2D Real Time X-Ray System (DPA and In-Process)

     •    3D CT Scan System (DPA and In-Process)

     •    XRF Prohibited Material (Screening and DPA)

     •    Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) Station (In-Process)

     •    Leak Testing

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Electrical Test Equipment



    •    VNA and PNA Test Stations

            - Two and Four Port Analyzers ranging from 300 KHz to 65 GHz, 17 systems

    •    Spectrum Analysis to 40 GHz

    •    Digitizing Oscilloscopes to 1 GHz BW

    •    Coplanar Waveguide Test Stations for Measuring Coplanar Interfaces to 65 GHz

    •    Universal Microstrip Substrate Test Fixtures for Measuring Microstrip Interfaces to 40 GHz

    •    Glitch Testing to 40 GHz (Continuously Monitored Insertion Loss—diode detection method)

    •    High Power Solid State and TWT Amplifiers

            - 200MHz to 26.5 GHz – Power levels to 5kW peak, 2kW average

    •    DC Burn-in Stations  to 1000 Watts

    •    1 to 40 GHz ETS-Lindgren Reverberation EMC Test Chamber

            - Radiated Emissions and Susceptibility Testing, Shielding Effectiveness

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Environmental Test Equipment


    •    Temptronic Thermally Controlled Airstream Test Stations

    •    Temperature Cycling Chambers, Epoxy Curing Ovens, Silicone Curing Ovens

    •    Resistance to Solvents Test (Mil-Std-202)

    •    Gross Leak Test (Mil-Std-202)

    •    Humidity Test (Mil-Std-202)

    •    Vibration Test (Mil-Std-202)

    •    Corona/Atmospheric Ascent (Partial Pressure) Test Chamber

            - Pressure @100mTorr to 50 Torr

    •    Five Thermal Vacuum (High Vacuum) Test Chambers

            - For Multipactor, Corona and High Power Thermal Vacuum Testing

            - Aerospace TOR Certified
















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Analyses Capabilities

    •    CST Microwave Studio 3-D Electromagnetic Analysis – Frequency Dependent Materials and Cavity Effects

    •    Ansoft HFSS 3-D Frequency Domain EM Simulation

    •    FEST3D (Full-wave Electromagnetic Simulation Tool) , a fast and efficient software tool for the accurate analysis of passive microwave
         components based on integral equation technique combined with Method of Moments.



High Power Electromagnetic Analysis



    •    SPARK3D,  a general software tool for Radio Frequency breakdown analysis, including Multipactor and Corona.


    •    Corona module is based on a numerical algorithm that uses an adapted FEM technique to solve the free electron density continuity


    •    Multipactor module is based on a full 3D electron tracker that employs a Leap-Frog algorithm for the path integration and the Vaughan
         model for SEY characterization of materials.


    •    Both modules can use FEST3D, CST, or HFSS  to calculate the electromagnetic fields inside the microwave device.



Other Analysis Tools


    •    Microwave Office 2-D Electromagnetic Analysis – Planar Structures


    •    Sierra Proprietary Design Software for Filter Networks and Ferrimagnetic Devices Based on Mode Matching Technique.


    •    National Instruments Multi-Sim (SPICE) for WCCA


    •    National Instruments MATLAB 2009B - Data Acquisition, Data Processing


    •    Agilent Vee 8.0 – Instrument Control and Test Software


    •    National Instruments Ultiboard – Printed Circuit Board Layout

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 New Product Releases                                            One Sierra Way Georgetown, TX 78626                                            QMS Certification
TEL: 512-869-5007  FAX: 512-869-2730

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